Breitbart Just Addressed The Viral #MeToo Campaign In Disgusting Fashion

- Oktober 17, 2017

During an interview on far-right news outlet Breitbart’s radio program, host Alex Marlow spoke with Breitbart author John Nolte about the #MeToo campaign that has taken social media by storm in response to the bombshell allegations of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein. While the campaign has been an inspirational tool for Americans to witness the prevalence of sexual assault in our society – the hashtag has already passed 500,000 tweets – Breitbart duly dismissed the campaign as both ineffective and then disingenuous.

“Nothing will be done. I’ll just say it right now. No names will be named. Nothing will be done. A lot of money will be thrown at people. A lot of virtue signaling will be done. A lot of it will be to further politics, to further the left wing agenda of so-called multiculturalism and diversity. You know, the issue — what’s so funny is that there’s more women running Hollywood now than ever before and this problem is still there. So the answer is not more women in power. But it all — it’s all damage control. It’s all BS. If these people cared, they’d call for an outside person to come in and investigate,” John Nolte said.

“…The idea is to say “me too” publicly and tell your story of sexual harassment. And it took off, and there’s a number of name actresses using it and claiming that they — but, again, it’s like the AIDS ribbon. You know, I feel very bad for these women, but it’s sort of becoming a status symbol. And unless you name names — and none of these women so far have named names — and I’m fine, if they want to say, listen I’ve talked to the police. If they want to say that, I’m fine with that. Like, America Ferrera, she should go to the police. She was raped as a nine year old. But no one’s naming names. It’s just sort of becoming — and maybe, it’s probably good. I’m not saying it’s not good. It probably feels good to know you’re not alone.”

Yes, John, it’s “probably” a safe bet to assume it feels good for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted – whose lives have been turned upside down – to know that their voices are being heard, that people are finally willing to have the conversation, and to know that they’re not alone.

And while he cynically claims that “nothing will be done,” there have already been changes that would have seemed implausible just one year ago. Weinstein – a giant in the entertainment industry – has been fired, his wife left him, and he has been cast out by society. Roy Price, an executive at Amazon Studios, has suffered the same fate after accounts of sexual harassment surfaced. Those happened within hours of each other.

It should come as little surprise that the far right is resistant to a campaign encouraging victims of sexual assault to speak out. Fox News’ Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly were dethroned kicking and screaming after their own allegations of sexual harassment emerged. And, of course, Donald Trump – an admitted sexual predator – was elected President of the United States.

Breitbart may try to downplay the significance of this campaign, or simply dismiss it as leftist propaganda, but their abhorrent remarks are only the latest example of the alt-right’s delusional view of American society.

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